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James Turner

CEO and Founder of J&J Trucking

and Logistics, LLC



Anything worth having doesn't always come easy.

What's Up,

My name is James Turner, and above all, I am a father to a very busy 2-year-old who inspires me daily and a supportive husband. I have successfully been in the trucking industry over the past 10+ years. From a D1 college football athlete to a trucking carrier, as you may know, football instills discipline and teamwork, essential in the trucking business.

Throughout my journey in the trucking industry, I have grown and experienced various roles. Starting in the diesel and mechanic side, I gained valuable knowledge about the technical aspects of trucks. This experience not only equipped me with the ability to handle and maintain the vehicles effectively but also gave me a deeper understanding of the ins and outs of trucking.

Moving forward, I explored the world of driving, where I honed my skills behind the wheel and strengthened my commitment to safety and efficiency. Additionally, I delved into the dispatching aspect, allowing me to understand the importance of effective communication and coordination in the industry.

I have been my boss for the past three years, running my own trucking business. This experience has given me a newfound responsibility and determination to succeed. I have worked with major corporations and smaller mom-and-pop companies, learning and adapting to various business environments and requirements. During my tenure, I have learned and applied countless lessons to my business, constantly striving for growth and improvement. I have developed a passion for helping others in the industry, sharing my knowledge and expertise to support aspiring trucking entrepreneurs or individuals looking to navigate the challenges of the trucking business.

I firmly believe in the power of connections and collaboration. Therefore, I am always open to making new connections and sharing experiences with industry peers. So, if you have any questions or if there's anything I can assist you with, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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